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Innovations in the war against Islamic expansionism

A large part of the wastefulness of our current “War on Terror” is the inability of our leadership to define the enemy. Terror is one of many means by which one can wage war. Terror itself is not an enemy, it is a tactic often used by the? weaker warring party against a stronger opponent.

In the current context Islamic expansionists are using terror as one component of their war to conquer Western Civilization. Various factions of Islamic expansionism also use economic means to undermine Western Civilization. This is done through the control of oil production, and the manipulation of financial markets through the coordinated shifting of billions of dollars in Western stock markets.

The purpose of Islam is to destroy all who will not convert to Islam.

The freedoms and the wealth that are the hallmark of Western Civilization are the results of its basis in Judeo Christian ethics. Without our laws that are based in God’s Commandments, we could not have achieved our place in human history.

AWSG is dedicated to providing information on developments in doctrine, training, and equipment that can improve the abilities of our warfighters, making them safer and more effective in the fight against Islamic expansionism.

Some products featured on the AWSG website are new enough to the market that they have not seen wide use by the military or law enforcement. AWSG also features some interesting products that are still in development. These items may offer opportunities for partnership.

Dear Reader: the AWSG retail page will be closed for a short time while we study the risks of bringing our readers excellent products verses the threat of breaking certain US laws. Lately I had a close call when I received a visit from two very polite law enforcement officers. After a short conversation and the opportunity to inspect my merchandise inventory the two public servants thanked me for my time and left me to go about my business.

As of now certain items of cutlery will only be sold at gun shows and certain electronic items will not be sold at all. We are evaluating this situation further and hope to come up with a better strategy to return to providing you with the gear you wish to and need to have. I am personally sorry for any inconvenience to our friends who have given us so much support.? Bret Rivers

Asymmetric Warfare Studies Group promotes the exploration and discussion of the doctrine explained here.

True Radical Christianity

Muhammad invented Islam to enslave others and enrich himself. Muhammad was a tyrant and he perfected Islam as a means of keeping himself in power. As a system of total behavior control Islam has survived for several centuries by serving tyrants well and keeping them in power through their following Muhammad’s example. The tyrants of today greatly fear allowing Muslims to know the truth of Judeo-Christian values and morality.

As a religion Islam has nothing to offer other than slavery and ritualized murder for those who wish not to be slaves. Islam is too fragile to survive the scrutiny of logic, the truth of mankind’s free will, or the moral obligation of our God given human rights.

Although law enforcement and military efforts are real necessities in the defense of our freedoms against the threat of Islamic expansionism complete victory over this evil will not be possible without our active protection of our civil rights. Our efforts must focus on the engagement of Muslims in order to convert them away from the slavery of Islam.

Christians can defend their human rights with love better than Muslims can destroy our freedoms and our way of life with hatred. We must use our love of all, even those who wish us harm, to undermine the strong fears that keep Muslims captive to the ideology of Islamic violence toward non-Muslims.

This work can be as dangerous as being a soldier on the battlefield. It is not to be taken lightly and it is not to be attempted without preparation for its hazards.

“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1 6, and 1 7

Muslims have used terrorism with great success by following the example of their so-called prophet Muhammad. Muhammad boasted of the riches and power brought to him by his use of terror. For us to try to outdo Muslims by competing in the realm of bloodshed is a waste of lives and other resources. We must attack Islam where it is weakest.

In our open society we can offer an outreach to battered women. Shelters for battered women will need personnel trained to deal with the problems specific to Muslim women and their children who seek help.

Because Islam requires death for all who wish to escape its grip. A public outreach to those who wish to leave Islam must be a part of daily life. Independent groups should support newspaper ads as well as billboard ads offering help to Islamic escapees. As a nation that stands for religious freedom we should offer sanctuary to those who wish to leave Islam in safety.

One of the advantages that Islam exploits in the USA is its protection by our constitution. As long as our government allows Islam to disguise itself as a religion our ability to defend our civil rights will be in jeopardy. Islam must be recognized as a behavior control system and it must be stripped of its religious status and protections. We must support political leaders who will seek the removal of these protections for Islam.

“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind. And you must love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27

This is the core of our calling. This is Radical Christianity. Radical; “of or going to the root or origin; fundamental: a radical difference.” Luke 10:27 is all we really need to know and follow.

All of the rituals, decorations, and symbols that have divided Christians into subgroups should be left behind us as we unite under the one truth common to us all. God is the author of love and Christ brought us that simple message of love in which we must base our lives.

Love is our strength and God’s love cannot be overcome by violent force. There is no greater power than God’s love and we are the instruments of that power. BR

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”
– Sun Tzu

Friends of AWSG

David Woroner

* Hyper Velocity Impact Society member
* American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) member
* U.S. and overseas* – private security consultant and contractor
* Providing both executive protection as well as corporate and site operational security and site hardening.
* Taught executive protection as well as extreme officer survival training (Foreign)
* Provided intelligence gathering instruction
* Experienced U.S. Coast Guard Master, (Captain) U.S. Merchant Marine officer
* PADI Master Instructor
* author of the PADI Full Face Mask Course to include the training manual
* As a PADI instructor, taught many to SCUBA dive. From open water, advanced open water, and rescue diver to dive master and instructor development.
* Graduate, Defense Training International, John Farnham, Instructor

Kerry O’Donoghue

About Kerry O’Donoghue, her experience is in:
Terrorist and Criminal use of intimidation and blackmail.
Risk ManagementRisk Awareness including Personal Defense.
Corruption, Child sexual exploitation.
People Trafficking.
HUMINT Information Retrieval and Witness Care.
As well as dealing with active raw intelligence she will be writing a regular blog for AWSG

Gabriel Bar Giora

Ex. Lt. Col. IDF + GSSBsc.
Ben Gurion University, Management Dip.
Beit Berl, Middle Eastern Studies TA UniversityGabriel is the founder, owner and manager of "Adam I.M.S. Ltd" in Jerusalem Israel, in business since 1980.
Adam has been specializing in "all mal prevention, that is, prevention of Sabotage, Espionage, Theft and Fraud, both in the physical and the virtual worlds.
Also servicing the special business needs of pre-engagement, Due Diligence and else, all over the Middle East.Languages ; English, German, Hebrew, Arabic

Salvador Mejia

Mr. Salvador Meja is an Attorney at Law by the Universidad Nacional Autnoma de Mexico with more than 16 years of expertise; his major practice area is related to Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing; likewise he is a highly qualified expert for Corporate Governance, Due Dilligence, Fraud prevention, Internal Audit, Risk analysis and Damage control matters.
He has been able to collaborate within the Mexican financial system by occupying the position of Anti-Money Laundering Leader and designated Compliance Officer before the Mexican Comisin Nacional Bancaria y de Valores at the international financial group GE Money Bank, as well as the position of Associate Director of Legal Procedures at the General Administration of Federal Tax Audit of Mexicos Tax Administration Service.Mr. Mejia is Partner at the Mejia? Sandoval Law Firm in Mexico City.

Stephen Cliffe

Master of Science in Education
Professional Development Certification at Emergency Management Institute
B.A. Honours, Acadia University
NYS Office of Firefighting –Scene Support and Rope Rescue Technician Basic
Founder/Chief Instructor at Imminent Threat Defense Systems LLC.? Developer of the C.R.A.S.H.? System (Combat Reaction-induction Assault Science Hybrid)
Multiple Combatives instructor training certifications
Specialist in educational institution active shooter response training in classroom perimeter protection for educators
Developer of TEACHSAFE?: Educator Emergency Violence Response Training and multiple other targeted asocial violence response seminars including workplace/gender-based violence
Almost 3 decades of teaching elite, military grade combatives to defeat asocially violent threat presentations for multiple target audiences. Trained field personnel in Extreme Close Quarters/Close Quarters Combatives Practicum in both foreign and domestic markets
Former Personal/Corporate/Asset Protection provider with experience both domestically and internationally. Provided clients domestically with on-demand Personal Protection, secure route transportation & personal physical security in major urban centers as well as intelligence background on target destinations/ clientele groups for foreign event threat assessment
Provided executive protection services in one, two and three man details with up to four details per team. Domestic and foreign event involvements.
Author of? e-Book, The Three Second Survival Guide