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Asymmetric Warfare Studies Group has talented friends in CONUS and throughout the world. With our connections to excellent training facilities and our combined experience the friends of AWSG can offer civilians, military, and police personnel a wide variety of specialized training.

I have composed this list below to give our readers a selection of the types of training that we can offer. Please take a look at what we have available and let me know if there is a particular course that you are interested in taking. I will sort through all responses and categorize them by geography and subject of interest. Depending upon your interests some topics may be combined into single classes.

Within a short time we should have a good idea of where and when AWSG can begin to offer training programs that cover but are not limited to the following subjects.??? BR

Live training to defeat IED and Suicide Bomber attacks through Reality Encounter Operations

Humint resource development and management

Emergency and Combat First Aid

NATO Small Arms orientation and firing course, Civilian

Small Arms of Terrorist Groups orientation and firing course, Civilian

Active Shooter Response, Law Enforcement

Terrorist Awareness and Attack Response, Civilian

Understanding Stealth Jihad in North America

Reliance of the Traveler, Understanding Sharia Law

Preparing and Responding to Workplace/Terrorist Violence

Church/Synagogue Defense Against Targeted Asocial Violence

LEO Extreme Close Quarters Survival Combatives Bootcamp

LEO Extreme Close Quarters Survival Combatives All Levels-All Weapons (Seminar or Train-the-Trainer)

Mass Transit ECQ (Civilians Course or LEO/Security Force)

Maritime/Air Travel Defensive Skills (Civilians Course or LEO/Security Force)

HRT Tactical ECQ

LEO Weapon Retention in ECQ

LEO ECQ Defense Against Edged Weapons

LEO/MIL/Security ECQ Use of Edged Weapons

Effective Weapons Deployment/Transition in ECQ Settings

TEACHSAFE? Educator Training for Classroom Perimeter Protection (Civilian course or LEO Train-the-Trainer Course)

Women’s Self-Protection (Seminar or Train-the-Trainer Course)

Emergency Planning for Home Defense During Disaster/Civil Disturbance

Your comments and inquiries are welcome. Please contact me directly via my email.?? bret@ เล่นง่ายสุดๆเกมส์สล็อตออนไลน์

































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