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I developed this poster back in the 1990s?as part of an anti-kidnapping program for a client that had multiple?drug testing facilities in South America, Africa, and Asia.? I stole the idea from a poster that was commonly found in British Army barracks in Northern Ireland. The client only needed four hundred posters so I had quite a few left over. Two decades later, what was a good idea for foreigners in third world countries is now a good idea for American citizens in their own hometowns. Due to the fact that friends always want more than just one poster and due to the cost of shipping the most economical way to offer these posters is to send?three posters to you for $12.00 Each poster is?11 x 17 inches and is printed on?acid free heavy paper stock?suitable for framing or laminating. terrpostersample

Bin Laden Killed by US Navy SEALs in Pakistan

How the US Killed Bin Laden in His Multi-Million Dollar Mansion

02 May 11 09:42by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

( A U.S. helicopter landed on the roof of Osama Bin Laden’s mansion in Pakistan shortly after midnight Saturday, and Navy SEALs burst out and surrounded the mansion’s 12-14-foot thick walls and killed Terrorist No. 1 in a 40-minute firefight. He was shot in the head.

Fox News quoted a source saying that he was given the opportunity to surrender, but other sources said the mission was to eliminate Bin Laden and not take him alive.

None of the American fighters were killed, but it was not disclosed if anyone was wounded.

SEAL (Sea, Air and Land) teams from three other helicopters, which landed on the huge acreage surrounding the building, participated in the raid on the multi-million dollar mansion of Bin Laden. His son also was killed in the operation, which was kept secret from Pakistan’s government because of the high probability of the presence of double agents.

One of the helicopters developed a technical malfunction after the operation, and American forces blew it up so nothing would fall into the hands of other terrorists.

Bin Laden’s presence in the mansion gave lie to the assumption that he had been hiding out in a cave in Afghanistan, which he may have done in the past.

In addition to the thick surrounding walls, other indications that the mansion was a hideout were the high windows and few access points.

Approximately two dozen Navy Seals participated in the secret operation, carried out between 1:30 and 2:30 a.m.

Besides Bin Laden, the U.S. soldiers killed two of his couriers, his son and a woman who was used to shield him, and captured two people. As reported earlier, Bin Laden’s body is in the hands of American officials and his identity has been confirmed through DNA testing.

The United States said it is “ensuring it [the body] is handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition. It’s something we take seriously and therefore it’s being handled in an appropriate manner.”

Ten Years and Forty Minutes
Although the operation was over in just 40 minutes, it actually began in 2001, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. American investigators gathered information on Bin Laden’s couriers, one of whom was considered the most likely person to follow in order to find the head of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network.

The investigators discovered the courier’s name in 2007, and the area in Pakistan where he operated was identified in 2009. Bin Laden’s luxurious home was pinpointed last August on the outskirts of Abbotabad, Pakistan.

Obama administration officials told MSNBC that its “best information was that Bin Laden was there with his youngest wife. Our analysts looked at this from every angle. No other candidate fit the bill as well as Bin Laden did… The bottom line of our analysis was that we had high confidence that the compound held a high-value terrorist target. There was a strong probability that it was Bin Laden.”

This information was shared “with no other country. Only a very small group of people inside our own government knew of this operation in advance.”

my response:

OK, after bin Laden was found “hiding” one thousand meters from a Pakistani Army base, can we finally stop calling Pakistan an ally in our fight against Islamic terror?

Can we admit that water boarding gets results?

Can we see that Peace, Love, and Understanding only happens once those who threaten to kill us have been killed or captured?

The US government says that bin Laden’s remains were taken care of according to Islamic traditions. We could have gotten better results if was had fed him to the pigs. If future Jihadists knew that they had a chance at becoming pig shit instead of martyrs, they might just trade in their AKs for lunch boxes and go get real, productive jobs.? BR

เล่นง่ายสุดๆเกมส์สล็อตออนไลน์ Saudi Citizen in Texas Charged in Suspected Bombing Plot

Published February 24, 2011 |

A college student from Saudi Arabia studying chemical engineering in Texas has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly planning a terrorist attack on U.S. targets using explosive chemicals.

Khalid Aldawsari, who is legally in the U.S. on a student visa, allegedly targeted the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush. He was arrested late Tuesday on a federal charge of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

“Yesterday’s arrest demonstrates the need for and the importance of vigilance and the willingness of private individuals and companies to ask questions and contact the authorities when confronted with suspicious activities,” said James T. Jacks, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas.

Aldawsari, 20, entered the U.S. in October 2008 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to study at Texas Tech University, then transferred earlier this year to nearby South Plains College.

Federal prosecutors say Aldawsari had been researching online how to construct an improvised explosive device using several chemicals as ingredients. Authorities say Aldawsari’s diary indicated the young man had been plotting an attack for years and obtained a scholarship so he could come directly to the United States to carry out jihad.

“After mastering the English language, learning how to build explosives and continuous planning to target the infidel Americans, it is time for jihad,” the student wrote in his journal, according to court documents.

In e-mails Aldawsari apparently sent himself, he listed the names of 12 reservoir dams in Colorado and California. He also wrote an e-mail that mentioned “Tyrant’s House” with the address of President Bush’s home. The FBI’s affidavit said he considered using infant dolls to hide explosives and was possibly targeting a nightclub with a backpack filled with explosives.

The White House said President Barack Obama was notified about the plot prior to Aldawsari’s arrest Wednesday.

“This arrest once again underscores the necessity of remaining vigilant against terrorism here and abroad,” White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said in a statement Thursday.

One of the chemical companies, Carolina Biological Supply of Burlington, N.C., reported suspicious purchases by the student to the FBI on Feb. 1. Within weeks, federal agents had traced his other online purchases, discovered extremist posts he made on the Internet and secretly searched his apartment, computer and e-mail accounts and read his diary, according to court records.

The FBI said the North Carolina company reported the attempts to purchase phenol, a chemical that can be used to make the explosive trinitrophenol, also known as TNP, or picric acid. Aldawsari falsely told the supplier he was associated with a university and wanted the phenol for “off-campus, personal research,” according to court records. But frustrated by questions, Aldawsari canceled his order and later e-mailed himself instructions for producing phenol. Prosecutors said that in December 2010, he successfully purchased concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids that are combined to make TNP.

“As alleged in the complaint, Aldawsari purchased ingredients to construct an explosive device and was actively researching potential targets in the United States. Thanks to the efforts of many agents, analysts and prosecutors, this plot was thwarted before it could advance further,” said Assistant Attorney General Kris. “This case serves as another reminder of the need for continued vigilance both at home and abroad.”

Aldawsari is expected to appear in federal court in Lubbock on Friday morning. He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

my response:

“Authorities say Aldawsari’s diary indicated the young man had been plotting an attack for years and obtained a scholarship so he could come directly to the United States to carry out jihad.”

Any nation that violates human rights by the imposition of Sharia law has no business sending any of its subjects to the USA. If those who live under Sharia want to be free and able to exercise their basic human rights the government of the United States and most of its people should be willing to help them free their own countries from Sharia.

We should not import persons who follow Sharia any more than we should import persons who are Nazis. If you do not understand and believe in human rights don’t even try to come to the USA.? BR

Can the Obama Administration’s Actions Even Be Called a Foreign Policy?

Posted By Paul Schnee On February 17, 2011 @ 3:54 pm

Sunlight, said Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, is the best disinfectant. Obviously, not enough of it has been shed in order?for our Director of National Intelligence,?James Clapper, to conclude that the Muslim Brotherhood is?a subversive organization and?the?parent of al-Qaeda and?Hamas, which has sponsored or encouraged nearly every?Islamic?terrorist attack made against America and the West since it was created in 1928.

The Muslim Brotherhood has worked in fits and starts, to be sure, as?its power has waxed or waned. But the?goal of establishing a global?Islamic caliphate under the gruesome supervision and hideous application?of Sharia law has never dimmed for an instant.?It is as patient as it is well organized?as?it is?lethal.?It assassinated one Egyptian president in the?1940s, fomented revolution against another in the 1950s,?murdered President Sadat in 1981 for making peace with Israel and is directly linked to the terrorist?plotters of 9/11. It has never ceased to spread?its tentacles over the?globe. So fraternal are?its instincts that?it now operates in?more than?80 countries.

Mr. Clapper?wishes us to believe?that the Muslim Brotherhood is a benign organization which has “eschewed violence” and now is so?overcome?with liberal democratic values that we should not be suspicious or afraid. However, the evidence forces us to believe the exact opposite. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), The Muslim Student Association (MSA) and a host of others are all fronts of the Muslim Brotherhood which seek to establish relations and influence in our?local, state and federal governments, in our law enforcement and intelligence communities, in our military, in our prisons, in the media, in our schools and in our?universities.

The creed of the Muslim Brotherhood clearly states: “God is our objective; the Koran is our law; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.” Perhaps if?Director Clapper labored deep into the night and?applied?some arcane cipher he could discover this really means: “Oh, what a friend we have in Jesus”, but somehow?I doubt it.?Even the most?amateur code-breaker would never mistake?”jihad” for croquet or “death for the sake of Allah…” for, “Tennis anyone?”

In 2008 the Holy Land Foundation, a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, was?convicted of raising money for the terrorist group Hamas, yet one more wholly owned subsidiary of the Muslim Brotherhood. Its leaders were given life sentences for funneling $12 million to?Hamas.?During the trial documents revealed a?strategy paper?which stated:

“The Ikhwan (Arabic for Muslim Brotherhood)?must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

It went on to say that this process requires a “mastery of the art of ‘coalitions’, the art of ‘absorption’ and the principles of ‘cooperation’.” In other words the scheme is to ingratiate and insinuate themselves into our society by appearing to be in favor of pluralism, democratic values, common fellowship?all the time gaining trust and acceptance only to sucker punch us when the time is right.

It is fair to say the Muslim Brotherhood knows just as much?about?its goals, aspirations and intentions?as Director Clapper?so why would he appear before Congress and?make such disingenuous statements that mischaracterize the true?nature of the Muslim Brotherhood? With the enormous amount of information and sensitive intelligence at his disposal, how could he fail to see the true nature of the threat we face??For the answer one need look no farther than the Oval Office. Director Clapper is just one more?pawn in Barack Obama’s steadfast?devotion?to the?cultural Marxism of political correctness who is duly dispatched to anesthetize us against the relentless march of Islamic totalitarianism disguising its dark underside and blunting its jagged edges in order to make it?appear less menacing.

This has been a steady objective of?Obama’s administration which from the start?has been?a moving curtain of lies. Americans thought they had elected a president who would safeguard America’s security and defend her interests. Instead they woke up with a leader who treats enemies better than friends. The WikiLeaks revelations show the fundamentally dishonest nature of Obama’s relations toward Israel and how he sought to convince the Israelis that concessions about settlements and Jerusalem would have to be made in order to mollify the Arab world?so that their support against Iran could be obtained.

However, the Arab world was desperately trying to get Obama to move against Iran regardless of the situation between Israel and the Palestinians.?Obama also?demonstrated his ideological preferences when he appointed Israel-bashing?Samantha Powers as Director of Multilateral Affairs for the National Security Council and when he attempted to appoint anti-Israel Charles Freeman as Chairman of The National Intelligence Council. Last July he?gave approval to?the PLO?to fly?their flag over its Mission in Washington, D.C. and upgraded its status to that of a delegation, which gives PA officials diplomatic immunity and the status that is attached to it.?Abbas pocketed this concession but still failed to arrest terrorists or end the incitement of violence and?hatred toward Jews.

Our friends, a diminishing band, are now beginning to think that being America’s?ally?is more dangerous than being America’s enemy. Since coming to power Obama has alienated Great Britain, betrayed Poland and Czechoslovakia and moved against Israel.?A few days ago the people who were demonstrating in Tahrir Square and some 81 million other Egyptians,?who were?being cheered on by the Obama administration and?the Western media,?woke up to find Mubarak gone and the Egyptian military in charge. This does not a Jeffersonian democracy make.

History teaches us that in this kind of situation it is usually the group which is the most cohesive and best organized that?will eventually take power. It is Egypt’s misfortune that?this is the Muslim Brotherhood. It is likely that by?using democratic means they will, as their surrogate Hamas has done in Gaza, treat Egyptians to one man, one vote, one time. It will be easy to vote them in and almost impossible to vote them out, and that is when it will dawn on the Western democracies that Obama’s ideological opposition to American exceptionalism?is no substitute for a foreign policy.

Saudi Arabia: Yemeni girl goes missing, believed to have been captured by genies

A Yemeni girl has been missing for nearly a month in Saudi Arabia and her family believe she could have been snatched by jinn (genies), a newspaper reported on Thursday.

The 23-year-old girl stepped out of her house in a mountainous village near the western town of Taif and never returned, prompting a massive police search campaign, Sabq Arabic language daily said.

“Some people told police they saw her walking on a hill not far from her house then vanished again,” the paper said.

“Her brothers and some residents in the village said she sometimes appears at night and then suddenly disappears…they told police that they believe she has been haunted and taken by jinn.”

The paper quoted her brother, Ahmed Ali, as saying his sister ran away from home a year ago but was found at another house on the same day. He said his sister had been nervous and moody but had no problems with the family just before she vanished again.

“On that day, she was with my other sisters washing in the second floor of the house…she then went down to the ground floor…my sisters waited for her but she never came back,” he said.

“Before she vanished, we used to take her to some Koran reciters and scholars…she used to walk into their places but we had to carry her on our way out as she appeared to be in a trance…a red fluid sometimes oozed out of her ears and noses…it was not blood and it had a strange smell…some scholars told us that she is haunted and others said she is under jinn guardianship.”

Jihadi who helped train 7/7 bomber freed by US after just five years

Exclusive: Release prompts claim Islamist was US informant while assisting London terrorist

Shiv Malik

UK Guardian

    Interviewed by ITN in 2001, Mohammed Junaid Babar insists he would defend Muslims if the US invaded Afghanistan Link to this videoAn American jihadist who set up the terrorist training camp where the leader of the 2005 London suicide bombers learned how to manufacture explosives, has been quietly released after serving only four and a half years of a possible 70-year sentence, a Guardian investigation has learned.

    The unreported sentencing of Mohammed Junaid Babar to “time served” because of what a New York judge described as “exceptional co-operation” that began even before his arrest has raised questions over whether Babar was a US informer at the time he was helping to train the ringleader of the 7 July tube and bus bombings.

    Lawyers representing the families of victims and survivors of the attacks have compared the lenient treatment of Babar to the controversial release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.

    Babar was imprisoned in 2004 – although final sentencing was deferred – after pleading guilty in a New York court to five counts of terrorism. He set up the training camp in Pakistan where Mohammad Sidique Khan and several other British terrorists learned about bomb-making and how to use combat weapons.

    Babar admitted to being a dangerous terrorist who consorted with some of the highest-ranking members of al-Qaida, providing senior members with money and equipment, running weapons, and planning two attempts to assassinate the former president of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf.

    But in a deal with prosecutors for the US attorney’s office, Babar agreed to plead guilty and become a government supergrass in return for a drastically reduced sentence.

    The Guardian has obtained a court document which shows that on 10 December last year – six years after his initial arrest and subsequent guilty plea – he was sentenced to “time served” and charged $500 (£310) by the court in a “special assessment” fee. The document also reveals that Babar had by then spent just over four years in some form of prison and more than two years free on bail.

    Graham Foulkes, a magistrate whose 22-year-old son David was killed by Khan at Edgware Road underground station in 2005, said: “People get four and a half years for burglary. They can get more for some road traffic offences. So for an international terrorist who’s directly linked to the death of my son and dozens and dozens of people to get that sentence is just outrageous.”

    Fifty-two people were killed and 784 injured on 7 July 2005 when four suicide bombers detonated rucksacks filled with explosives and nails on London’s transport system in the morning rush hour.

    The lawyer representing the families of the dead and survivors, Clifford Tibber of the law firm Anthony Gold, said they would be devastated to learn that Babar had served only a small proportion of his possible sentence.

    “Babar admitted setting up and funding training camps attended by the 7/7 bombers,” Tibber said. “When the British government released Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber who received a life sentence, on compassionate grounds after eight years the Americans were furious. Imagine how the bereaved and the survivors will feel about [Babar’s] paltry sentence.”

    A remark from the sentencing judge that Babar “began co-operating even before his arrest”, has raised the possibility, supported by other circumstantial evidence obtained by the Guardian, that he may have been an informant for the US government before his detention by the FBI in April 2004.

    Babar facilitated the London bombers’ knowledge of bomb-making when he invited around a dozen British jihadists to attend a camp that he had helped set up in north-west Pakistan in the summer of 2003.

    In a debriefing with US law enforcement agents in 2004, Babar told US prosecutors about Khan, whom he knew as “Ibrahim”. British terrorism investigators showed Babar an unclear surveillance photo of Khan in August 2004, but Babar failed to identify him.

    He has said that when he saw pictures of Khan in newspapers after the bombings he alerted the US authorities straight away: “I told them [the American authorities] that was the person that was Ibrahim. I had mentioned Ibrahim before July 2005.”

    After his guilty plea in 2004, Babar spent a good proportion of his four and a half years outside the regular prison system. He flew to testify in trials in the UK and in Canada and met law enforcement officers from around the world.

    In 2008 he was granted bail awaiting final sentencing, after being warned by a judge that his conviction on five terrorism offences carried a maximum 70-year term.

    Although a probation report dated 9 July 2010 recommended that Babar remain in jail for another 30 years, the US attorney’s office submitted their own report to the New York court, known as a 5K1, which praised Babar’s work.

    One extract read out in court stated: “Over the last six and a half years the level of assistance provided by Babar to both the เล่นง่ายสุดๆเกมส์สล็อตออนไลน์United States government and foreign governments has been more than substantial. It has been extraordinary.”

    Speaking in court about Babar’s role in helping to jail British, Canadian and American terrorists, the assistant US attorney Brendan McGuire described Babar’s co-operation as exceptional, and he recommended that he be given a significantly reduced sentence.

    Babar’s defence lawyer, Daniel Ollen, told the court that during the two years his client had been out on bail, he had “paid his debt to society” and had settled into a new life with his wife and daughter.

    Ollen said the government’s positive statements on behalf of Babar in court spoke volumes about his “hugely successful” actions, and that in 30 years he had never seen a more positive 5K1 report from the government.

    Speaking for the first time about the case, Ollen told the Guardian that in court “the government went to bat for him. They used words like ‘extraordinary’ and ‘unprecedented’. Babar’s co-operation really was spectacular when you get down to it.”

    When sentencing Babar, the judge, Victor Marrero, praised his work, describing the sentence of four years and eight months as “reasonable and appropriate”.

    “The court takes note that the government has evaluated Mr Babar’s cooperation to be significant, truthful, complete, and liable.,” Marrero said.

    “[He] worked with the FBI and foreign governments to assist in investigations of terrorism organisations, including al-Qaida, and of terrorist activities such as the London bomb plot.”

    “Taking into account the nature and circumstances of the offence and the history and characteristics of the defendant … the court finds that a sentence of time served is reasonable and appropriate and that such a term is sufficient but not greater than necessary to promote the proper objectives of sentencing,” Marrero said.

    A law enforcement agent who arrested Babar and spent more than 500 hours debriefing him said he believed Babar was selfish.

    The officer, who wished to be known as agent A, said: “Babar wasn’t a hero. He didn’t look at the American flag and suddenly become all patriotic. When his back was against the wall he did what was right for him … he was selfish.”

    Further inquiries uncovered allegations from a top US terrorism lawyer who has reviewed sealed evidence in the case which suggests Babar could have been working for the US authorities before his arrest in April 2004.

    Having reviewed the court transcript himself, bereaved father Graham Foulkes said: “There’s a hint from one or two of the sentences [in the transcript] that do strongly suggest [Babar’s] co-operation was going well beyond his official arrest. And it looks as if the Americans may well have known in detail what Babar was up to in Pakistan [at the time] and that is a very, very serious matter.”

    When judge Marrero’s office was asked to clarify the remarks, his office declined to comment. The US attorney’s office declined to comment on whether Babar had been working with US agencies before his arrest.

    The law enforcement officer involved in Babar’s arrest and debriefing also refused to discuss the allegations.

    Freed from prison and no longer in the witness protection scheme, it is not known where Babar is currently living. Visiting Babar’s childhood home in the Jamaica area of Queens, New York, the Guardian was told that Babar’s mother was on holiday in Pakistan. The woman who answered the door and identified herself as Babar’s cousin did not know where Babar was living and refused to comment further.

    my response:

    Fighting Islamic terrorism requires us to coordinate our efforts with other governments. This international cooperation has benefits but we can learn about its hazards from this case. Any informant is just an informant, not a case manager, not a sworn officer, not an employee. If that informant is actively working to kill citizens of an allied nation he should be stopped.
    Any informants who have murdered US citizens or citizens of any allied nation should be given prison sentences according to the damage that they have done. Their worth as informants may be weighed in respect to their privileges while serving time, but their time including life sentences should be served.? BR

West cannot understand risk of ‘Islamization,’ Iraqi archbishop warns

Archbishop Louis Sako

Kirkuk, Iraq, Feb 11, 2011 / 01:35 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The secular western world is incapable of fully understanding the threat of a “reawakening of Islam” in the Middle East, according to an Iraqi bishop beset by radical movements in his own archdiocese.

In an interview with the Italian bishops’ SIR news agency, Archbishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk, Iraq, called the Middle East a “scary volcano” because of the possible consequences of widespread unrest.

“There are Islamic forces and movements that wish to change the Middle East, creating Islamic States, caliphates, in which Shariah (law) rules,” he warned.

Radical groups present in Iraq such as al-Qaida and Ansar al Islam are calling on citizens in other Middle Eastern nations to inject an Islamic influence into otherwise general protests in places like Tunisia and Egypt.

For Archbishop Sako these calls have “the clear intention of fueling … a total religious change” in the area.

“They are voices that could find fertile ground in Egypt and elsewhere and therefore should not be underestimated, also because there are regional powers whose leaders have defined these revolts as the ‘reawakening of Islam’,” he said.

In practice, the goal of these fundamentalists is “to create a void to be able to fill it with religious themes, convinced … that Islam is the solution to everything.”

In Egypt, protesters insist that the widespread protests are not driven by religion or ethnicity, but rather a universal grievance against extremely poor social and political conditions.

Some fear, however, that organized Islamic associations such as the Muslim Brotherhood are in an optimal position to take advantage of the confusion for political benefit.

Because unrest could be manipulated by fundamentalist opportunists, Archbishop Sako called the Middle East “a scary volcano.”

Should Egypt becoming an Islamic state, he said, it would be “a problem for all” and have “undeniable, negative aftershocks for Christian minorities.”

According to the archbishop, Europe and North America are blind to the possibility of such an “Islamization” of the Middle East.

“The western mentality does not allow it to fully comprehend this risk,” he said.

He explained that politics and religion are interwoven in the Middle East, whereas there is “a tremendous void” between them in western nations.

This results in two extremisms, he said. The Middle Eastern mentality is dominated by Islam, while a secularism that denies its Christian roots and relegates Christian values to the private sphere reigns in the West.

Although “material violence” does not appear in the West, the general privatization of Christianity is “against democracy,” he said. “In the East, however, it is the opposite: religion pervades all.”

He called the future of the Middle East “unknown and scary” and said the international community is “incapable of moving” in reaction to the recent turn of events.

Iraqi Christians – plagued by violence and a lack of security – look to the Egyptian crisis with “sadness,” he told SIR news. They are afraid that the North African nation might fall into the same ethnic and religious division.

Archbishop Sako’s own archdiocese has been struck hard by extremist violence. Nine Christians have died and another 104 have been injured in Kirkuk.

The fear the survivors have about Egypt, said the Church leader, is that it will become “a new Iraq.”

my response:

We have been hearing warnings from Germany, Great Britain, and most recently France about the dangers of Muslims not adjusting to or tolerating the values of their Western host nations. Now an Iraqi Christian gives us his first hand account of how Muslims seek to destroy civil power structures and replace them with theocratic tyranny.

The US and its allies are spending billions of dollars and sacrificing thousands of their citizen/soldiers to help build a free Iraq. At the same time Iraqi Muslims murder Iraqi Christians and the local government turns a blind eye to the slaughter.

We must defend Western Civilization and its values within our borders at all costs. Muslims who do not wish to adopt Western values need not move to Western nations.? BR

Al-Qaida committed to acquiring weapons of mass destruction: US

TIMES of INDIA? Feb 11, 2011, 11.54am IST

WASHINGTON: Pakistan-based al-Qaida’s senior leadership remained committed to acquiring weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons, a top Obama administration official said.

In his testimony before the House permanent select committee on intelligence, Michael Leiter, director of National Counter-terrorism Center said, “We assess that al-Qaida’s senior leadership in Pakistan remains committed to obtaining all types of weapons of mass destruction.”

“But thanks to some outstanding and effective offensive action against al-Qaida senior leadership in Pakistan, we also assess that their ability to do so is greatly diminished since 9/11,” Leiter said in response to a question from Congressman Mike Rogers, chairman of the committee.

“So you would rate their intention as high to try to secure that?” Rogers asked. “Yes” answered Leiter.

“I think the intent remains high, in particular in Pakistan and in Yemen,” Leiter said.

Expressing concern over the current situation in Pakistan, Congressman Ben Chandler said, “Pakistan is one of the most dangerous places on the planet.

“You have got a state in Pakistan which has enormous volatility and nuclear weapons. What can you tell us about the security of the nuclear weapons under the control of the state of Pakistan? Are we in decent shape there? And what needs to be done to make sure that those weapons are secure?” he said.

“I think what I can say in public is that our assessment is that the nuclear weapons in Pakistan are secure. And that’s probably all we should say about that in public,” said James Clapper, director of National Intelligence.

CIA director Leon Panetta said his greatest concern was to avoid another 9/11.

“The reality is that our biggest concern about al-Qaida was that they could conduct 9/11-type attacks in this country. We have focused on that. I think as a result of the work that’s been done at going directly at them in the FATA, I think we’ve seriously undermined their ability to be able to conduct those kinds of attacks,” Panetta said.

“Having said that, they are now resorting to other ways to come at this country. And those ways are through trying to inspire sleepers, to try to go after lone wolves, to use the Inspire magazine, to use Awlaki, who’s basically been urging people to do whatever they can to do something in a terrorist way, someplace, somehow, somewhere,” he said.

That’s the nature of the kind of threats that US was now dealing with, which concerns the entire country. “And it is in that arena where we’ve got the toughest job, because while these are less sophisticated, they’re tougher to find,” he added.

my response:

If DNI Clapper is not willing to elaborate on the security of PAK nuclear weapons in public, what is he willing to say about them behind closed doors? The Obama White House was surprised by the anti-government riots in Iran. Then they were further surprised by the riots in Cairo that overthrew an allied government. Just imagine our surprise when we wake up some morning and see the Taliban in control of Pakistan nukes!

Have we been reduced to just sitting around and guessing at what is going on in the rest of the world? Not only should we know what is going on with our so-called allies, we should be able to state with confidence what we know in a public venue.

There are dangerous people in the world. DNI Clapper needs to understand that the intel business requires Brains and Balls. If you have both, you need to hard-wire them together with a Spine. Top to bottom command structure should be as follows: Brains, Spine, Balls. ANY attempt to operate with less than all three elements is not recommended. BR

Amateur Hour at the White House

Posted By Stephen Brown On February 10, 2011 @ 12:45 am In Daily Mailer, FrontPage

As strikes in Egypt have spread, violence has increased and demonstrators have widened their area of protest in Cairo right up to the parliament building, the White House responded to Egypt’s continuing problems by pressuring the Egyptian government to cancel the country’s 30-year-old emergency law – in the middle of a national emergency.

Continuing the White House’s almost constant interference in Egypt’s internal affairs, Vice President Joe Biden telephoned his Egyptian counterpart, Omar Suleiman, on Tuesday and asked him to lift the emergency law, one of the most important tools the Egyptian government possesses to prevent the country’s slide into chaos and a subsequent Muslim Brotherhood takeover.

“The government has not taken the necessary steps that the people of Egypt need to see. That’s why more and more people come out to register their grievances,” said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs as justification for Biden’s request, although negotiations between the government and opposition have just begun.

The Biden phone call occurred after a week of foreign policy stumbling, which saw a scrambling White House, surprised by the disturbances in Tunisia and Egypt, waffle in its position regarding Egypt’s political situation. When the disturbances first broke out in the most important and populous state in the Arab world, the White House at first backed the Egyptian government, believing it could control the situation. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even called the Egyptian regime “stable.”

But on Monday last week, US envoy Frank Wiesner asked Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to resign, which Mubarak refused to do, since he rightly believed his resignation would lead to chaos. Then, on Tuesday, in another misstep;?Obama personally phoned Mubarak and essentially told his Egyptian counterpart it was time to step aside. Mubarak once more declined to oblige, having just said in a speech to the nation he would step down in September. Mubarak’s refusal, however, prompted strong words the following day from Gibbs, who said: “Not September. Now means now.”

On the weekend, the White House, however, backtracked on its policy regarding Mubarak’s immediate removal. Clinton told journalists removing Mubarak too hastily would threaten the transition to democracy, while Wiesner, who had just asked Mubarak a few days earlier to step down, said at a conference in Munich: “President Mubarak’s role remains extremely critical in the days ahead.”

Shlomo Averni, a former Israeli diplomat, sums up the impression the Obama administration’s diplomatic confusion has made in a column he wrote that was excerpted in Asia Times:

Many in Israel have been shocked and dismayed by the inconsistency, bordering on amateurism, of the US response to events in Egypt. First the president, then Hillary Clinton, secretary of state, then again the president’s special envoy (Frank Wiesner) to Hosni Mubarak, have oscillated between distancing themselves from one of America’s staunchest allies and calling for him to step down, further calls for him to do it as soon as possible and then, taking a U-turn, endorsing an “orderly transition” headed by Omar Suleiman, his intelligence chief.

The Biden phone call represents another zag in the White House’s constantly shifting policy position. It indicates the administration has returned to its position of a quick transition, which probably also involves Mubarak’s leaving, or at least his removal from the levers of power, since he is the one most closely identified with this law. But besides the additional turmoil the law’s removal would bring to the already boiling Egyptian streets by lessening the security forces’ authority, it is astonishing the White house has not taken into consideration the other negative effects its lifting would have.

If Biden’s suggestion were heeded, the most dangerous consequence would involve the hundreds of religious extremists that were locked up in Egyptian prisons under the emergency law. Its cancellation would mean they would probably have to be released, which would only add gas to the Egyptian fire, possibly even ignite a terrorism campaign.

Al Qadea recognises the great, destabilising influence these prisoners would have on Egypt’s already volatile situation and places a high value in getting them out of jail. Al Qaeda’s Iraqi affiliate has expressed this priority by calling for attacks on Egyptian prisons to release their comrades. Egyptian prisons have already been stormed and, after heavy gun battles, dozens of religious extremists escaped. Al Qadea’s Iraqi branch has also called for the Egyptian protesters to wage jihad, the first such call by the terrorist organization.

Just as dangerous, the lifting of the emergency law would see a curtailment of the powers of the intelligence agencies that were responsible for putting the religious extremists in prison in the first place. Since these intelligence agencies are the Islamists’ true enemies in Egypt, the extremists would like nothing better than to see them weakened, so they can go about their sinister work of taking over the country. If Egypt is to experience a peaceful transition to a post-Mubarak government, it is essential that these intelligence agencies remain in place with their current powers intact.

To its credit, the Egyptian government did not acquiesce to Biden’s request to cancel the emergency law. Unlike the White House, it is familiar with Egyptian society and culture and is well aware of the danger this action would involve. Such a retreat would represent weakness to the regime’s opponents and lead to many other demands, which would precipitate a descent into chaos. One does not have to look any further than Pakistan and Somalia to realise Islamists thrive in chaotic societies. Egypt would be no different. The Muslim Brotherhood is waiting in the wings to take over. And it is not the non-violent, democracy-respecting, purely religious organization leftist and liberal media outlets are portraying it to be.

Biden’s misplaced phone call not only reveals the extent the Obama administration has turned its back on Egypt’s government, but it is showing the world it does not pay to be a long-time ally of America. In the New York Times, John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is quoted as saying the Egyptian crisis has caused America’s other allies to question “what sort of longevity there is to the notion of alliances.” Since coming into office in 2009, Obama has treated Israel shabbily and betrayed America’s allies in Eastern Europe in favour of Russia over the installation of an anti-nuclear deterrent. And in an unprecedented act of betrayal, it has recently been?learned, Obama told the Russians the size of the British nuclear arsenal in exchange for their signature on the START treaty.

Interestingly, besides Israel, a New York Times story reveals it is America’s other Arab allies in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, who, also fearing instability, are asking Obama to go slow during the transition period in Egypt and “not to cut loose …Hosni Mubarak, too hastily, or throw its weight behind the democracy movement in a way that could further destabilize the region.” The Times story says “few voices have been as urgent, insistent or persuasive” as these. Since stability in Egypt is essential to regional peace, one can only hope the White House will listen to these voices from the Muslim world, since it appears to be deaf to all others.

my response:

Obama and Biden promised the world a “smarter” approach to foreign policy that depended less upon US military might and more on their ability to understand and relate to our international neighbors. Right now every new wave of video coming out of Egypt provokes a new and different emotional reaction for the president and the vice president. The two men do not always consult each other prior to publicly restating US policy at any given moment of a news cycle.

It is bad enough that US citizens have no idea what our leadership plans to do about the most important event in the mid-east since Iran fell to Islamic extremist crazies. The real problem now is that our allies all over the world have no idea who among them will be thrown under a bus in the near future.

Our economy is suffering from a lack of confidence in our economic future. Businesses all over the US can not make plans because there is no certainty in future tax policy, and future health care policy from this administration.

Likewise, those around the world who could depend upon the US in the past no longer know what turns Obama’s foreign policy will take next.


Understanding Self-Protection

Understanding Self-Protection Part 1:

Understanding Criminal/Asocial Violence v. Social/Anti-Social Violence

The very essence of self-protection is the understanding of the parameters under which is to be implemented.? When most people think of violence they think most often of:

1.????? ego-based bar fights where two or more people puff out their chests and try to defend against a perceived wrong or offence,

2.????? someone trying to out-testosterone a competitor to be viewed favorably by a female they are looking to be with

3.????? competitors in a boxing or MMA match or such trying to compete for bragging rights or

4.????? persons who are looking to vent and make someone else feel less-then so they can feel better about themselves.

All of these have one thing in common; they are a type of violence that is socially-based and constrained, at some level, by social rules of interaction.? At some point in each of these events, there is a socially acceptable way of preventing violence from occurring.? Deferring to another to let him seem dominant, apologizing and leaving the scene when you are the source of a perceived wrong, finding another person of interest to focus attention on.? Each allows us to make a choice to engage in an act of violence or not.

And because we are social animals, we understand and accept the societal connotations of behavioral codes of conduct, believing that we are relatively safe as long as we follow the social constraints of the game.? Once we choose violence in a social setting it is conducted outside of the “proper” rules of social conduct and we venture in anti-social behavior.? This means that while we are going to engage in violence, that violence is more competitive in its nature, trying to ascertain the proper social status to be assigned to each participant as determined by the outcome of the contest.

But this is still in the realm of social violence.? Anti-social simply means the behavior is not preferred as a way of settling disputes but it is understood and assigned value by the members of the society who witness it.? The winner of the fight is assigned higher prestige and status than the guy who skulks off or is bested.

Now the nature of criminal asocial violence is that is cannot be understood in terms of social dynamics in the manner of establishing status.? It is not intended to do so.? Asocial criminal violence functions completely without regard for societal rules of any sort.? It uses these rules to hamstring the intended victim, making it easier to initiate force against them and succeed because most people want to talk or plead or avoid violence, and that is the edge the criminal or terrorist counts on.? While we are busy trying to go through the list of socially acceptable supplication rituals to avoid violence we are premium targets, getting beaten, stabbed, shot, raped, robbed or suffering whatever other fate the perpetrator intends to deliver unto us.

Violence for the asocial predator ?is a tool used to gain a particular goal by the person employing it and it is not about competing with someone.? It is about inflicting enough damage to the person that has been targeted to render them incapable of resisting compliance with the demands of the perpetrator.? This is not about tapping out or making someone comply, it is about brutalizing them into abject submission.

There is no choice in the matter as to whether you will be part of an asocially violent event once you have been targeted – you will be.? The entirety of the nature of that event is that you will assume one of two roles – the person who did violence unto another and physically disabled them or you will be the person disabled by the violence.? You will be the victim or the perpetrator of violence.

The problem with the social programming is that because we understand criminal violence in terms of an anti-social behavior rather than an asocial event.? As I said before, while we are busy trying to go through the list of socially acceptable supplication rituals to avoid violence we being the perfect victims, receiving 100% of the physical damage during the event and being broken so we cannot resist or defend ourselves or our loved ones.? Our reaction to employ brutal, unyielding force on another human being carries a social stigma that many cannot overcome.? Most people look differently at someone they know has used true violence on another human being with the clear intent to cause debilitating harm, even if they used it in self-defense.? You should have called 911.? They wouldn’t hurt you if…, and the list goes on.? I have even seen a police officer chastise one of my former students for her attack on a man as he knocked her to the ground and tried to rape her.? She broke his ankle, ruptured his testicle which had to be surgically removed and broke his clavicles and jaw.? The officer was debating having her charged for excessive force because he felt she should have gotten to the emergency phone near her to call 911 rather than be a “vigilante”.? I am not kidding on this, you couldn’t make this kind of social idiocy up.? Needless to say the pending charge was over-ruled and the officer sent to another area by a senior officer on scene who saw the discussion unfold.

There are arguments about not sinking to the level of the criminal and other attempts by members of the social order to re-institute the supremacy of the social dictates on proper behavior and they are rooted, not in the welfare of the person who might have to or did survive an asocially violent event, but rather in making the other members of that social enclave feel better about avoiding the thought it could have been them.

Once we recognize that criminal asocial violence has a particular nature and that its nature places outside the constraints of societal functioning, we can begin to address how to protect ourselves.? The answer to that is so simple, once the social stigmas and doctrines are removed that it is amazing we can’t see it with crystalline clarity from the very outset – we must respond with asocial violence.

To respond to asocial events asocially is to choose to protect not defend.? Self-protection means to have fear of imminent threat upon your person and act proactively in asserting your right to not be a victim.? It means to decide to make the criminal a victim and not stop until you believe that you can leave that scene safely.? It means to be the giver of violence – 100% of the violence being inflicted is being done by you.? To defend means to try and stop the violence being delivered unto you – an untenable position if survival is your goal.? Eventually, if you are defensive, your capacity to defend will be eroded as your body absorbs punishment until you are no longer defensible.? And then it is simply you absorbing as much damage as he chooses to inflict upon you – up to and including the possibility of him killing you.

This is where the study of combatives comes in and the study of boxing, kickboxing, martial arts and mixed martial arts goes out.? Combatives is about delivering 100% of the damage to the target you have to engage – just as the criminal would do to you.? It is about inflicting serious damage not to compete with an assailant to see who is best but rather to structurally incapacitate that assailant so they can no longer function to present a viable threat.


“teach him a lesson” or “use his energy against him” or “submit him with pain compliance”.

IT IS TO: break joints, rupture the testicles and tear the scrotum off, to blind him, to cause structural damage that stops him form being able to move, and if necessary to crush the pericardial sac or windpipes, sever cervical ganglion and brainstem, or stomp on the skull until you rupture the skull’s protective framework and crush the brain.

We can ramp down as soon as the person cannot pose a threat to us again, but the reality is that in asocial violence if you aim to compete you are preparing for a role as victim.? Since there are only two roles, victim and victor, you must choose to make him a victim first.? It is ugly, and it is unpleasant.? You will hear noises and pleadings that are guttural and would break your heart in a social setting.? And if you are in an asocially violent encounter it is it the only way you can even the playing field and hope to survive.

Understand that if the event is asocial you have no choice.? If the event is asocial there is no guilt that can be assigned to you that is morally viable if society is cogent of the rights of an individual not to be victimized.? The twisted logic of those who would defend criminals is exactly that, twisted.? It is neither functional nor proper and the ethos of those who espouse it is to destroy individual rights and individual responsibility and replace it with social dependence, allowing individuals to be sacrificed to the asocial criminal elements so long as it structures society to keep them empowered through dependence on law devoid of justice.

The act of individual self-protection was a fundamental lynch-pin in the constructs of this nation.? We have convoluted the conditions under which we may claim the right to action in our own defense or in the defense of those we love so badly that we are at risk of losing it altogether if we do not assert it decisively and force the court and law enforcement systems to once again embrace it as a central tenet of our social structure.

Never feel guilty for defending yourself when there you are given no option.

Understanding Self-Protection Part 2:

Balancing the Equation between Size, Strength and Training

The very first thing to know regarding the participation in an asocially violent encounter is that the amount of training that you do is of absolutely no concern IF you are not training asocially.? This means that all the MMA/Reality-Based/Martial Arts training that you do has no impact on the outcome of a truly asocial event except insomuch as that training has brushed against the principles of combatives.? Now, before everyone from the martial arts community gets their dander up, lets examine exactly what I mean by this.

The tools used in social and asocial violence are the same.? Practicing the use of those tools makes you better with them.? At this time the two sides are striding along together but this is where it gets out of sync.? While the sports paradigm of martial arts competes with the opponent it uses rules to provide safety and is not designed to inflict what I call “medical trauma” on another.? “Medical trauma” is defined by the need of medical attention to repair or mitigate the injury.? In fact the sports paradigm ends at a point that we would consider the beginning.? If a UFC fighter got kicked in his testicles hard enough to rupture the testicular structure or rip off the scrotum, or if he had his eye gouged out and the Optic Nerve torn from the eyeball, the fight would be over instantly and medical personnel would swarm the cage.? On the street, that is our starting point to the process of making our assailant a structurally non-viable threat.

So how do we get there?? How do we become capable of doing that efficiently to another human being?? How do we compensate for size, strength and training level disparities?? What about guns, knives and other tools used in asocial attacks?? All of these questions are solved in exactly the same manner; you eliminate ability.? We are not talking about innate ability or skill, or physical prowess or anything else, simply eliminate the only ability that makes that individual a capable predator; you eliminate the ability to convert intent into action.? You use reflex; specifically you use his reflex.

You eliminate his conscious control over his body by using the neural reflexes that God designed our bodies with to avoid suffering trauma to our physical structure.? The body has five mechanically reflexive mechanisms and one spatial orientation reflex that have the ability to initiate an override on the conscious control of your body.? Think hand onto stove top or sand in the eye.? The reflex that occurs is not conscious and it is not pain driven.? It is an overarching neural net that can detect trauma on the structure of the body and initiate a withdrawal of the body away from the trauma before sending the pain message on to your brain for further action.? It moves you away from the burning surface of the stove, snapping your hand back and pivoting away to protect from further trauma before any pain stimulus is received by the brain.? It is the sudden stretching of tendon and sinew that causes spontaneous withdrawal of the limb or shift of the structure in a direction that prevents further damage to that site.? And it is physiologically hardwired into every human body.

If we put someone into this reflexive state by causing sufficient trauma, we start an interesting cycle of events that make self-protection easier.? Since each reflex has specific triggers and is physiologically oriented to protect the trauma site, we can predict the path of movement of the body by understanding body reaction (BR) plus the effect of the force vector (FV) we apply in initiating the trauma.? So BR+FV= body placement.? And the resulting body placement gives us a new sight picture to acquire the next place to initiate trauma into the person in order to maintain the reflexive state he is in.? As long as we strike while he is in reflex, we never lose control over the scenario and we dictate the terms of the engagement deciding how much trauma we need to inflict to ensure our safety and his inability to engage.

Regardless of size, once the trauma threshold is broached, the reflexive mechanism engages and the size, strength, training advantages and intent of the individual you are engaging become moot.? While “body conditioning” may allow a shortening of the reflexive override response, the response will still occur and your window to drive the pace and agenda of the conflict remain for as long as you continue to induce reflex-stimulating trauma.? If you continue to break pieces of the individual it will eventually lead to the degradation of their structural capacity to function in a manner that allows them to translate intent into action and at that point the reflexive response is no longer necessary – they are effectively precluded from any offensive action by the compilation of injuries to the specific attack vectors you have employed in the proactive defense of self.

The reality is that training the physical aspects of combative engagement also have to recognize the mindset to develop a proactive outlook and modify the OODA process that Boyd’s cycle systematized into an ongoing mental rehearsal.?? That mental part of the package will be extended on in part 3.