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Father Zakaria Botros

Zakaria Botros (เล่นง่ายสุดๆเกมส์สล็อตออนไลน์Arabic: ????? ?????, born on 24 October 1934) is a Coptic priest from Egypt. He is a controversial figure in that country and throughout the Islamic world for his critiques of the Quran and other books of Islam. Father Botros has received applause from places such as World Magazine, which awarded him as the Daniel of the Year for 2008.[1]

In early 2010, Father Botros retired from Al hayat TV Christian channel that introduced him to the public. When asked about the reason, Brother Rashid, one of Al hayat most notable hosts, said that Father Zakaria decided to broadcast a channel of his own, which he had not done to date.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, known world-wide as America’s Rabbi, is a noted rabbinic scholar, best-selling author and host of the Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show on San Francisco’s KSFO. He is one of America’s most eloquent speakers and his ability to extract life principles from the Bible and transmit them in an entertaining manner has brought countless numbers of Jews and Christians closer to their respective faiths.?? In 2007 Newsweek magazine included him in its list of America’s fifty most influential rabbis.Before immigrating to the United States in 1973, Rabbi Daniel Lapin studied Torah, physics, economics and mathematics in Johannesburg, London and Jerusalem.? This seemingly unlikely combination forms the bedrock of his conviction that no conflict exists between the physical and spiritual, virtue and strength, or faith and wealth.? He quickly became persuaded that God continues to smile on the United States of America and he became a naturalized citizen on what he describes as the proudest day of his life.
Rabbi Daniel Lapin was the founding rabbi of Pacific Jewish Center, a now legendary Orthodox synagogue in Venice, California.? He implanted the community’s mission of demonstrating the relevance of traditional Faith to modern life.

Kitat Konenut New York

The following is quoted from their website main page.

“KKNY is a grass-roots organization promoting the need and providing the skills for each individual to be responsible and prepared for disasters personally, to ones family and in ones community.

? We provide information on where to find training locally.
? We are available for speaking engagements to reinforce each communities needs to be prepared.
? We provide legally armed volunteers to secure and patrol Jewish communities that are under threat of terror or antisemitic attack.
? We promote the concept that every person should be certified or at least well trained in the following:

1. First Aid to the level of EMT or at a minimum First Resonder
2. Self Defense to a lever of comfort in ones abilities. Krav Maga as a quick learn of practical skills is our recommendation.
3. Apply and obtain a concealed handgun carry permit in areas where this is necessary and to carry openly in areas where that is allowed. The goal is not just to own but to train in basic firearms safety as well as real practice via scenario based drill training.
4. CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) promoted by FEMA which gives each person a deeper understanding of your cities Infrastructure, emergency capabilities and proper civilian repsonses. Most importantly, to understand how the National Incident Management System works.
5. Community Activism in any capacity which helps getting to know and understand your communities better.

In a way, we represent that each person become an army of one with most of the kills of a National Guardsman. They secure areas that need securing. They rescue the trapped and fill sandbags. They hand out water and move equipment.

In todays society, the Police, Fire and other authorities are reactionary agencies now and require 4 – 10 minutes to respond.
Medical injuries are best resolved when intervention is immediate. Rescues are easier and with a higher success rate when immediate.

Long gone are the days of the “Beat Cop”. “We the people” have become complacent with the reaction responses of the Government we pay for.
It is simply time for us to take some of that responsibility to ourselves, family and neighborhood back on ourselves and to acquire the knowledge and skills to do as much as possible both in Prevention and Reaction if necessary.

Katrina showed us how unprepared the Federal, State and Local Governments were. In the end, some of the responsibility needs to be put back on the citizens for not being prepared.

The choice is yours. To stand there and wait or prepare to be part of the solution.

The history of recent events should give you the added push. Jewish Federation in Seattle WA, JCC in Los Angeles, Mumbai, Times Square Bomb.Not forgetting 9/11 or even the 1993 WTC bombing.”

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“Kitat Konenut was created in 2006 by a group of recently released IDF combat veterans residing in the US. The group was started in response to the deadly shooting attack in Seattle by local Muslim Naveed Haq.

The group started giving Krav Maga lessons and shooting instruction to Jewish communities in the tri-state area. We soon began running a summer training camp in the rugged woodlands of Upstate New York.

In 2007 a Kitat Konenut was formed in Los Angeles and training began there on a weekly basis.

After three years of operating only in New York and California, in 2009 Kitat Konenut opened our second IDF training camp in the Arizona desert and has been holding training sessions there regularly.

Kitat Konenut has been conducting armed patrols in Jewish neighborhoods, as well as securing synagogues, Yeshivot, schools and events. We have been conducting various self-defense seminars in communities through out the country.

Kitat Konenut has received significant media attention and has earned the respect of Jews and non-Jews alike.”

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